The Future Looks Colourful for The White Company

whitecompanystorefrontThe future looks far more colourful than the colour white for The White Company as the company recently announced that profits are up 97% on last year.

The last full year, which ended on 29th March saw operating profits almost double from £6.5m to £12.8m, after a sales increase of 13% from £143.8m to £163.6m.

Excellent news to start the new year for those who love to buy products from the homewares and furniture retailer.



Buying Candles and Fragrance for the Home

whitecompanycandlesRegardless of what time of year there is definitely house warming that needs a small gift of gratitude or some kind of holiday or birthday also it could be quite so hard to find the ideal item. Because they let you both personalize and give a present that will always be useful scented candle presents may be a terrific idea for many occasions. This informative article will discuss a few distinct candle gift suggestions to consider for the next event.

First thing you must do is think about the individual that you’re purchasing the gift for. Could it be relative or a close friend that you know a newer acquaintance, or extremely well that you’re just getting to know? This will definitely help define what type of scented candle might work best for them.

If it’s for a close buddy, you most likely already know what their home looks like and their personal sense of fashion. This will allow you to locate a candle gift which will match the current colors and even contrast in only the right approach to produce a statement. Also, knowing they love a particular smell will mean you are able to personalise the candle to them. This may inform the recipient which you took the time to be sure the candle is unique in only the manner they’d appreciate and really thought about them. The White Company sell a wide range of scented and decorative candles, which can make ideal gifts as well as complementry decorations for any room within the home. To see the full range of candles and fragrance, just go to

When it comes to scented candles for someone you know well, another idea will be to shock them with new and something interesting. There may be a scent that they would never discover on their own to that can open up a brand new world of smells to them that you can introduce them.

On the flipside, if you do not know the individual you should locate a present normal favorites that anyone would love and for a scented candle gift may also be perfect because you there are hardly dangerous and be capable of make use of. Vanilla bean and lavender are longtime favorite scents which can be added into many merchandise and perfumes because there is an almost universal appreciation for the scents. When you do not know the recipient well enough to actually personalize lavender scented candle gifts may be perfect of secret Santa or a work present exchange.

Dipped candles and triple scented have amazing color contrasts as well as a melody of scents. The right candle present can act as a great ornament in the house, and it will give off its subtle aroma that may be ideal for guest spaces and bathrooms even when it is never lit.

I hope that they have helped trigger some good ideas for your current buying occasion that is next.

Choosing the Perfect Gift for the Woman You Think has Everything


Gift giving is an art. Many people are great at it; they have an inherent ability to produce the memorable most astonishing and thoughtful presents. Regrettably, a number people are seriously challenged in the gift-giving section. In reality, lots of people see it as a fantastic way to obtain stress, especially when it comes to gifts for individuals who already have everything.

We all have those people in our lives-friends and family that have careers that are great and great incomes that permit them to purchase basically whatever they need. Granted, they may not have private jets or bookings to visit the moon with Virgin Galactic, but they do have the state of the art gadgets, hottest fashion, elaborate vacations as well as other cutting edge playthings by the dozen.

Nevertheless, the fact they’ve everything does not mean these friends and family do not like to receive presents. They desire recognition, support, love and admiration, just like everybody else.

Would you think you are one of those present-giving challenged? Yes, it is not easy to come up with the most awesome present at an instant ‘s notice without any context. There’s certainly no worldwide present that everyone enjoys. So you do have to put time plus effort to come up with it.

One means to do it is to dedicate a day to think about it. However, what you are able to do is as you’re going about your daily business, to keep the person in thoughts for the day. Even though you can certainly have random thoughts about the individual, but below are a few suggestions to guide your thoughts to get your process more productive.


Where is She From?

Is she from another country or from another state? Does she have fond memories of her hometown? For instance, if she’s from Vermont, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream or a present set of maple syrup could be great. If she’s from Texas, you might take her to a fun day outing with genuine Texas BBQ. Additionally, she may be thinking about receiving the latest news about her hometown. Why not give her an on-line subscription to her hometown newspaper?


What’s Her Passion?

Is she into crafts? Photography? Artwork? Novels? Theater? Cooking? Food? If so, you can focus on things that enable her fire. Give her several skeins of yarn that is scrumptious if she is into knitting.


What Sports Team or Music Does She Like?

Is she mad of a particular group? Subsequently one way you are able to approach from is memorabilia of the band. Maybe you may get a small, signed photograph of the group in action, or guitar picks or drum sticks on the band used before. You’ll be able to easily get those items on eBay. For upcoming events, you can even get concert tickets. Even if the group isn’t playing, she might still value going to view a cover band. Likewise, you will get memorabilia about the sports team she likes. A signed team jersey, tickets into a game and photograph of her favorite player would reveal your thoughtfulness.


What Experience Would She Like to Get?

Does she mention anything she would want to do but hasn’t gotten around to do, when you chat with her? For example, did she mention wanting to learn how to scuba dive, hang glide, fly a plane or take a cooking course? All those presents that are experiential are available in several large cities. These are courses you may give her as presents. Better yet, if you’re able to even take the course with her-you are not just giving the gift of a class, but additionally your own time and companionship to her.


Is Religion Important to Her?

One alternative of a gift would be to give an artifact that is related to spiritual belief or her religion. If she’s a loyal Christian, you can think of giving her framed art, pillow or coffee mug with her favourite scripture. You can think about giving a prayer artwork to her, if she’s Jewish devotee. If she’s Muslim that is spiritual, you may give her wudu socks.


What is Her Favorite Charity?

You also understand she is an advocate, and if her family member has been impacted by breast cancer before, a contribution to the charity organization that was associated will be appreciated. Maybe she is to the board of the local chapter of Girls & Boys Clubs of America, you can also make a contribution there. In addition to this, you may have the ability to get your business to sponsor an event or support that charity organization.


What is Your Relationship Along With Her?

You may even express your appreciation, love and support to her directly in a sentimental gift. If she is your mom, sister, mother-in-law, aunt, mentor or friend that is best, there are items such as sculpture, jewelry, coffee cup and such that have poems or sentimental sayings on them that could represent your sentiments for these precious people in your life.


When folks say, “it’s the thought that counts,” it is particularly so as it pertains to giving gifts to individuals who have everything. Spend the day keeping her in your brain, which by itself is a fantastic gift for her. The physical gift is just a manifestation of your thoughtfulness. Try asking these questions and sure enough you’ll develop the most awesome gift for her.


There’s Still Time to Get Christmas All Wrapped Up at

If you intend on buying anything from The White Company in the near future then it could be well worth your while making your purchases sooner rather than later. This is because there are currently some fantastic offers on a wide range of products spanning most categories on the website at

With Christmas acting as a major distraction for the majority of people, many fail to look beyond the promoted Christmas pages on the White Company website which is the main reason that they are missing out on these fantastic offers.

If you look closely at the main page of the website you will see a very subtle link at the end of the menu at the top of the page titled ‘Offers’. By clicking this link you will be taken to a page which shows just how much you can save on the various different product ranges across the site – and there are lots of them. Just go to to see them.

Examples of such include:

  • Up to 50% off Clothing
  • Up to 50% off Children’s and baby’s clothing
  • Up to 30% off Home Accessories
  • Up to 40% off Children’s Toys and Decorations
  • Up to 30% off Bedroom Products
  • Up to 20% off Furniture


There are no voucher codes needed, and you can still take advantage of free standard delivery when you spend £50 or more (or £4.95 if you do not).

Even if you intend to shop online at for Christmas presents, it doesn’t mean that you cannot take advantage of these excellent deals. As many of us already know a lot of the Christmas products that are sold online are simply existing products that the retailers sell all year round that have been rebranded. So you can get the same great quality products for a fraction of the price of the Christmas-branded products.

And that’s not all! We have recently found a White Company discount code at where – for a limited time only until midnight on 13th December 2015 – if you spend over £75 you can take advantage of an extra 20% off your entire order! This is in addition to the free standard delivery that you still get because you have spent over £50. As they rightly say on the website there is still time to get Christmas all wrapped up!


Great Gift Ideas for Baby’s First Christmas

babysfirstchristmasgiftideasWith Christmas just around the corner we thought it would be useful to post some thoughful gift suggestions for baby’s first Chritsmas. There’s no doubt that any baby celebrating their first Christmas in 2015 is going to be showered with various different gifts that they will use to grown and develop for the year ahead. However babies grow so quickly and sometimes it’s better to egt something that will last a lifetime sot hat the baby can keep it. Here are some great, thoguhtful Christmas gift ideas for a newbrn baby.

In the Christian world, Christmas is the most anticipated holiday and Christmas gift giving is a portion of it.

Baby’s first Christmas is definitely memorable as well as a time to enjoy with the family, most of all with the parents that are excited. We always need to give unique Christmas gifts, with lots of Christmas gift ideas floating in internet stores and malls.

It is hard to believe at times what to give to infant’s whom we know who have everything already provided by their parents. Mind you, there are still room Christmas gift for infants who’ll celebrate their first Christmas. It’s always the thought that counts.

  • Photo of the child and you with all the frame — Get a photograph with your camera with the baby and if you did get a great chance on you, it is possible to develop it and set it in a framework, this really is a Christmas gift idea that is good by the way not just for infant’s first Christmas but for older kids. You can also ask a good picture of the child along with your kids for example and put it in a framework. This really is a great remembrance.
  • Baby basket full of other items it is possible to put in the basket, Baby first Christmas stories along with baby’s first, infant first Christmas song CD. Set a ribbon onto it.
  • Baby’s First Christmas Photo Album — these are accessible with fine and handle covering — select those who’ve thick and can contain the most common size of baby pictures.
  • If you would like a present that you like the infant it is used by it for longer time, books and educational toys are a good example. Playthings must always be age suitable and specific for their physical developmental phase.
  • As it is winter Knitted caps which they can utilize through the Christmas can also be not bad. Considerably better in case you know just how to knit, you then may make a knitted one.

Christmas time is among the very awaited holiday celebration in the Christian world that is whole and gift giving is part of the party. Baby’s first Christmas is always memorable and we wish to give the infant the most unique and best Christmas gift we could give to the infant. There are plenty of Christmas gift ideas but we would like something special that’s special and will stand out, besides it’s the baby’s first Christmas.

There are a few hints that will also help us to determine what’s an appropriate gift to give based on baby’s age, sex and physical period of development (specially for novels, toys and baby products which are age appropriate). These tricks may also be useful in general present offering. So, what are great gift ideas for baby’s first Christmas besides the popular ones? A few of these gifts are photographs of the giver and maybe her/his kids along with the baby.

Other suggestions for the baby’s first Christmas gift is discussed. Like knitted coloured caps, photo albums, and baby boys and girls Christmas ornaments. It’s also nice of a Christmas greeting card that goes with the present, in that manner we can also greet the whole family can be place by us.


A Christmas interview with Chrissie Rucker MBE, the founder of The White Company.

chrissieruckermbeWhat better way to launch our blog than with an interview from the founder of The White Company herself, Chrissie Rucker MBE…

When speaking with Chrissie, ‘white’ is probably the last colour that could be used to describe her refreshingly colourful personality as she talks about her children and her passion for horses which sees her mucking out stables first thing every morning – including on Christmas day itself.

Despite this, her hugely successful business that has inspired her luxuriously neutral home makes ‘white’ the perfect colour to describe her personality. The White Company is now a household name 20 years after it first established, and as a result there aren’t that many households in the UK that aren’t sporting at least one product purchased online at

How it began…

The White Company actually began when Chrissie was with her the boyfriend, Nick who had bought his first house. She was shopping for some homeware and couldn’t think of what colours to buy so she decided to opt for safe yet stylish white products such as china, towels and sheets. Nick’s sister make the remark that there should be a shop that only sells white things, and the rest as they say is history.

Why white works…

According to Chrissie, the reason why the colour white works so well is none other than the fact that whoever we are and whatever our style is, white will always work some way within the home. While other colour trends may come and go the desire for simple and clean decorating that is focused around white objects and accessories will always remain and continues to grow. The colour white creates the perfect blank canvass that everyone seems to want to start off with, with comfort, texture and fragrance being the key attributes that lead to an inviting and special home.

The White Company business plan…

Chrissie loves the simplicity of selling only white items for the home, and even the name “The White Company” is simple enough to remember yet stylish enough to remain timeless. She noticed that there was a gap in the market for designer quality products at affordable prices, complimented with passionate and good quality customer service. Chrissie aimed to fill that gap selling white products and accessories.

Most popular products…

At The White Company, baby gifts and womenswear ae the products that sell particularly well. At this time of year however it’s the signature Winter candle that is the bestseller as it signifies that Christmas is just around the corner and it makes an excellent gift. All of this is in addition to the Egyptian bed linen ranges which sell in excess of 100,000 units annually, as well as linens, towels and other home accessories.