A Christmas interview with Chrissie Rucker MBE, the founder of The White Company.

chrissieruckermbeWhat better way to launch our blog than with an interview from the founder of The White Company herself, Chrissie Rucker MBE…

When speaking with Chrissie, ‘white’ is probably the last colour that could be used to describe her refreshingly colourful personality as she talks about her children and her passion for horses which sees her mucking out stables first thing every morning – including on Christmas day itself.

Despite this, her hugely successful business that has inspired her luxuriously neutral home makes ‘white’ the perfect colour to describe her personality. The White Company is now a household name 20 years after it first established, and as a result there aren’t that many households in the UK that aren’t sporting at least one product purchased online at thewhitecompany.com.

How it began…

The White Company actually began when Chrissie was with her the boyfriend, Nick who had bought his first house. She was shopping for some homeware and couldn’t think of what colours to buy so she decided to opt for safe yet stylish white products such as china, towels and sheets. Nick’s sister make the remark that there should be a shop that only sells white things, and the rest as they say is history.

Why white works…

According to Chrissie, the reason why the colour white works so well is none other than the fact that whoever we are and whatever our style is, white will always work some way within the home. While other colour trends may come and go the desire for simple and clean decorating that is focused around white objects and accessories will always remain and continues to grow. The colour white creates the perfect blank canvass that everyone seems to want to start off with, with comfort, texture and fragrance being the key attributes that lead to an inviting and special home.

The White Company business plan…

Chrissie loves the simplicity of selling only white items for the home, and even the name “The White Company” is simple enough to remember yet stylish enough to remain timeless. She noticed that there was a gap in the market for designer quality products at affordable prices, complimented with passionate and good quality customer service. Chrissie aimed to fill that gap selling white products and accessories.

Most popular products…

At The White Company, baby gifts and womenswear ae the products that sell particularly well. At this time of year however it’s the signature Winter candle that is the bestseller as it signifies that Christmas is just around the corner and it makes an excellent gift. All of this is in addition to the Egyptian bed linen ranges which sell in excess of 100,000 units annually, as well as linens, towels and other home accessories.



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